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    Pro Physical Therapy is quickly approaching our 1 year anniversary at our location in Mantachie. We are grateful for the support that has been shown to us and truly feel like God has blessed us. Our goal is to be involved within the community and...

    I was recently asked the question, “are sports drinks really good for you?” My answer to that is it depends on what you are drinking it for. Sports drinks were developed to help athletes re-hydrate after losing sweat and becoming dehydrated. Hydration is essential...

    Thanksgiving and Christmas have passed and the new year is upon us. This time of year people set new goals for their lives including fitness goals. Whether that be to lose weight, eat right, or just be consistent with their exercise. As a runner and...

    I have written in previous articles that the easiest and quickest way to lose weight is to increase overall activity and cutting calories by making healthy food choices. Weight loss would be easy if we had the time to work out 1 hour or more...

    Some carbs, low carbs, no carbs, I know a lady named Barb. With all the conflicting information about carbs, what are they and how much do you actually need? Your body uses carbohydrates as fuel to give you energy and helps keep everything going. Carbohydrates...

    Diet and exercise fads come and go. It seems like each week there is some new and exotic diet or exciting new piece of exercise equipment. One week you hear you should not eat carbohydrates then next week it’s eat only carbohydrates and no fat....

    We develop a customized plan to get our clients moving and keep them moving.