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    Lower Back Pain Treatment

    The Basics of Lower Back Pain


    To understand the widespread issue of lower back pain, we think it’s important to begin with a few statistics.

    • Up to 90 percent of adults will experience this pain at some point.
    • It’s among the foremost causes of disability for patients younger than 45.
    • It’s the second most common cause of doctor visits and the third most common cause of hospital admissions.
    • Nearly 20 percent of the population will be suffering from lower back pain during any given year.

    In light of these statistics, we believe that lower back pain therapy is one of the most important services we can provide to the community at large. Trust us: No matter the severity of your pain, you’re not alone, and many people try physical therapy for lower back pain.


    How Does It Start?

    Because the lower back joins the upper and lower sections of the body, it’s a complex system that creates widespread ramifications with even the slightest misalignment. The vertebrae, soft-cartilage discs, muscles, ligaments, joints and nerves must work together seamlessly, and any issue in one of those areas can affect each of the others.

    This type of pain is extremely common, and it’s often the result of strain, overuse or repetitive injury. Lifting and stretching are typical triggers, and lifestyle factors like stress, poor posture and obesity can create problems down the line. Sometimes, lower back pain can be caused by sciatica, a ruptured disc that creates pressure on the lumbar nerves or degenerative diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis.



    Nearly everyone experiences minor pain for short periods of time. In general, if your pain is severe, debilitating or long lasting, you’ll want to reach out to Pro Therapy and consider physical therapy for lower back pain. When in doubt, make the call; it’s better to receive a consultation with Mississippi lower back pain therapy for a minor issue than to wait it out and hope for the best.


    How Will Pro Threrapy Treat It?

    At Pro Therapy Mississippi, we understand the specifics of lower back pain and injury. We use a team approach that includes consulting with board-certified physicians and intensive lower back pain therapy to relieve your discomfort and get your health back on track. Each of our therapists knows how to manage the symptoms and treat the root cause, and you’ll experience nothing but the best care in town. Take the first step to a life free of lower back pain, and reach out to our specialists today.

    We develop a customized plan to get our clients moving and keep them moving.