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    Pediatric Physical Therapy

    Pro Therapy treats a wide range of clients, including youth. Pediatric physical therapy in North Mississippi can help children to have the lives they deserve.

    Pediatric Physical Therapy

    When one thinks of physical therapy, the vision of children being rehabilitated, learning to walk or learning to speak seldom comes to mind. It can be difficult to imagine someone so young in physical therapy until it is directly needed. Pro Therapy treats a wide range of clients, including youth. Pediatric physical therapy in North Mississippi can help children to have the lives they deserve.

    How does Pediatric Physical Therapy work?

    Pro Therapy provides children with one-on-one physical therapy. Our highly skilled physical therapists work with children to build muscle strength, develop mobility and increase motor skills. Whether the needs are due to an injury or disability, our expert physical therapists can help get children moving, talking and playing.

    Physical Therapy for Autistic Children

    The autism spectrum is wide and vast. Children with autism may have no delays or significant ones. Children on the autism spectrum often have issues with both gross and fine motor skills. They may not have the coordination required to keep up with peers on the playground or climb a set of stairs. Social development can be greatly impeded by physical delays. Body development can be delayed as well. Low muscle tone in children with autism is not uncommon due to lack of use.

    Physical therapy can address this poor muscle tone. Our physical therapists help autistic children develop better posture and balance, skills that are often taken for granted. We will also work with fine motor skills, if needed. Our plans will are specifically catered for each child.

    Other Needs for Physical Therapy

    Children with gait abnormalities or other difficulties with walking may need physical therapy. We patiently work with each child to assess their needs and the best way to approach the therapy. The most common gait presentations include toe walking, in-toeing, genu varum (bow leg), genu valgum (knock knee) and flat feet. It can be difficult for parents to determine whether a child’s walking pattern is part of the natural progression of learning to walk or if a more serious issue is presenting itself. Our experts will assess the child, make recommendations for footwear (if needed) and develop an individualized treatment plan.

    Children with scoliosis may have unique needs that require physical therapy. Depending on the severity of the scoliosis, a child may need a brace or surgery to alter the curvature of the spine. Physical therapy for scoliosis may include strength training, range-of-motion exercises, manual therapy and functional training.

    Children are spending more and more time in competitive sports. Pro Therapy can help to rehabilitate those children who have been injured during the course of a sporting event. Sports injuries can be caused from an accident or from repeated use. We will thoroughly assess the child and decide which course of action is best for him or her.

    We develop a customized plan to get our clients moving and keep them moving.