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    Tricks to Commit to Fitness and Stick With It

    Tricks to Commit to Fitness and Stick With It

    fitness goal

    Have you ever noticed how easy it is to talk yourself out of exercise? All it takes is one, “I’m tired,” “I’m busy,” or even “The weather is bad” and all of a sudden we’ve spent the entire weekend binge watching Netflix and finishing off a pint of cookies and cream ice cream. But if you have the right attitude and a few tricks up your sleeve, you can keep Netflix at bay and yourself on the right track.

    Find your motivation.

    When you’re on your 27th burpee, motivation can be something that’s difficult to hold onto. You’ll probably ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?” and honestly, that’s a good question. Why are you doing it? Research has shown that those who are externally motivated meaning they’re exercising so they look good for their class reunion or wedding photo; those people simply don’t stick to their program.  Whereas people who exercise because they love it and want to care for their bodies–internally motivated people–are the people who stick with their program for the long haul.

    Take baby steps.

    You’re not going to run 10 miles in a day. If you do too much, too fast,and push yourself too hard, all you’re going to do is end up sore, injured and discouraged. Take it easy when getting started. If you only run a quarter of a mile the first time that’s great! Keep doing that until it’s easy. Then make it more challenging. Work within your limits, and you’ll gradually run longer and get stronger.

    Mix it up.

    One reason many people don’t commit to an exercise plan is because they get bored doing the same thing every day.  Doing different types of workouts can keep things interesting. It can also prevent overuse injury by exercising different muscle groups instead of just the same ones over and over. If you strength train, try switching between machines and free weights. You don’t have to reinvent your schedule every week, just mix it up a little to keep it interesting.

    Find a gym buddy.

    Finding an accountability partner is probably the best way to ensure you get your butt off the couch and to the gym. After all it’s much easier to bail out on the gym than it is to bail out on a friend who’s waiting there for you. Bringing a friend also makes working out more enjoyable. Studies show that you’ll work out longer when you have someone with you. In addition to that, you can encourage one another when you’re discouraged.

    Finally, celebrate your victories.

    It takes time to see real changes. Every pound of weight you lose or every pound of muscle you gain is a reason to reward yourself. To add a little incentive, consider writing out a list of rewards you’ll receive for every milestone you accomplish. For example, maybe if you lose 10 lbs, you’ll spring for a new pair of jeans. If you lose 20, you and your gym buddy will go to a concert.

    It takes patience, determination, and time to reach your fitness goals. We all go through times when we’re frustrated or overwhelmed. We all slip up and make mistakes. What’s important is that when you do slip up or you are discouraged, you don’t quit. If you’re struggling to meet your workout goals, we can help. We can develop a personalized training plan for athletes of all levels . Let us help you rise to the next level while preventing injury. Call us at  (662) 282-4949 today.

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