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    Where Strength and Endurance Collide

    Where Strength and Endurance Collide

    Since high school I have enjoyed exercising and working out- and really enjoy something that challenges the body and mind. For awhile I was solely training for endurance events such as marathons, ultra marathons, and long distance triathlons. I could bike 50+ miles then go run 13 miles without needing a break. I felt like I was the most fit a person could possibly be. With all this endurance training my strength had suffered.

    I also noticed during pickup basketball games and flag football that some of my athletic abilities such as jumping and lateral agility had decreased as well. Although I could run circles around everybody, I was lacking some of the skills that I once had and I found it very discouraging.
    I write on this topic for this reason: endurance training alone does not translate to other athletic activities or prepare you for the unknown that life may bring like being chased down the road by a ferocious foaming at the mouth dog.

    When running, our movement is in the frontal plane and in only one direction, but in everyday life our movements are in all different directions and include many different movements like: twisting, turning, squatting, jumping, reaching, etc. This is one reason it is important to incorporate a ‘strength and conditioning program’ into endurance training.

    To increase your overall fitness and to be prepared for the unknown your strength and conditioning program should incorporate those movements that we perform during everyday life. Many endurance athletes believe that adding strengthening to their workouts will hinder their running or biking and I actually believed that at one point. The key is to add strengthening as a supplement to your endurance and I believe it will translate into better performance not only at your sport, but you will also be better prepared for other sports. Adding a ‘strength and conditioning program’ can decrease your risk of injury as well, but that’s another topic itself.

    We currently offer fitness classes throughout the week at several different times for your convenience. Our schedule is as follows: Fitness Resolution by Kimberly is on Monday and Thursday nights at 5:30, Human Performance Training by Cory is Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 12, Tuesday night at 5:15, and Saturday morning at 11AM. We also offer nutritional advice and products to help you reach your goals. For more information about what we offer contact us at 662-282-4949

    By Cory Lee, LPTA, RRCA-Running Coach, Crossfit L-1 Coach
    Kimberly Lee, Doctor of Physical Therapy

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