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    We enjoy working with patients to help them move more, achieve goals and live healthier lifestyles. Don't just take our word for it, read what our patients have said about their experience at Pro Therapy.

    Hanna Bishop

    “It’s been about 7 weeks since I had surgery. That was also the last time I put my hair up on my own. Now, I can put my hair up all by myself. I’m so excited!”
    -Hannah Bishop

    Jessica Hall

    . “While on a mission trip in Gatlinburg, TN over spring break, I dislocated my left knee while doing the simple task of bending over to pick up a ball. As soon as it happened, I felt the horrible pain. I knew immediately the long road of recovery that I had ahead because I dislocated my right knee when I was younger…. I started asking, “why did this have to happen to me again?” Luckily, no surgery would be involved because as the doctor explained, I had only stretched and sprained my ligaments around my left knee cap. I was still nervous about having therapy three times a week, along with my school schedule, but I knew God wouldn’t give me more than I could handle. Kim, Travis, Amanda, and Neely have made the past two months so much easier for me! My goal was to walk across the stage at my graduation from ICC without my leg brace and I reached my goal with their help! They are the nicest, most down to earth people that have become more like my friends than my therapists. I will never forget how they helped me overcome my injury! Super thankful for Pro Therapy and all of the staff there!”
    -Jessica Hall

    Katherine McGee

    “I was told that I had a frozen shoulder with limited motion in my right arm. Shortly after starting therapy I noticed an improvement in motion and pain. I feel that there has been a definite change in my ability to reach and stretch my arm. This was a very positive experience!” – Mrs. Katherine McGee


    “Physical therapy helped me by letting me move around without any pain. Before it was hard to get around school with all the crowds and my knee in the condition it was. Now I have no pain and I have no problem doing any activities.”-Matthew

    Tina Denley Yeager

    “I couldn’t walk at all on my own when I started but now I am like an all new person. They have helped me so much! I am very blessed to have these great people in my life, to have helped me in such a way as they have, and I thank God for them. They are all so sweet and very friendly…. They make you family!”
    -Tina Denley Yeager

    Susan Caldwell

    “My pain started 6 months ago. I have been coming to Pro Therapy for 2 weeks. I have got back my range of motion. I can do yard work and swim now, without pain. The therapy has helped me a lot.”
    -Susan Caldwell

    Aaron Loden

    “After 12 sessions which included an exercise program, ultrasound stimulation, and massage therapy, I am now virtually pain-free and have full mobility. I highly recommend Pro Therapy to anyone having physical problems.” — with Aaron Loden.

    Amy Darrell Riley

    “My daughter came here last year. She felt the same way. So when I had to have PT I chose to come here. I fell in love with everyone the first day. I truly feel this way. They are like family. Everyone is treated the same. They genuinely care. The atmosphere is very relaxing. They make sure you are very comfortable.” Thank you so much Mrs. Amy Riley for your kind words!” —  Amy Darrell Riley.

    We develop a customized plan to get our clients moving and keep them moving.