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    Headache Treatment

    The Basics of Headaches and Migraines

    We’ve all been there: A dreaded headache begins to take hold, and you’ve suddenly lost your ability to concentrate or function at a normal level. There’s a difference, however, between the rare jolt of head pain and recurring problems that make it difficult for you to lead a normal life. Cervicogenic headaches are among the most common forms of long-term pain, and Pro Therapy is highly skilled at treating the neck tension and stress that causes this condition.


    Why Do Headaches Happen?

    There are just as many causes as there are types of headaches. Cluster headaches, migraines and tension headaches alike can be triggered by physical stress, emotional trauma, chemical imbalances or spinal problems. More often than not, severe headaches are the result of an easily treatable issue, but some can be indicators of more serious conditions. That’s why it’s important to consult with a board-certified Physical Therapist at Pro Therapy.


    When Should I See a Northern Mississippi Headache Specialist?

    Minor and infrequent headaches aren’t generally causes for concern. If your pain is severe, debilitating and recurring or constant, you’ll want to chat with the expert team at Pro Therapy about headache physical therapy.You might be feeling indistinct pain throughout the entire head or spot pain in other areas of the face. Some headaches can even cause vision problems or extreme nausea.

    How Will Pro Therapy Treat My Headaches?

    Our Northern Mississippi therapists at Pro Therapy will start by searching for the root of the problem. Not only will we perform a full physical therapy evaluation and any needed diagnostic tests, but we’ll also consult with your medical doctor to find the personalized treatment plan that will suit you best. Don’t let headaches run your life. Start the treatment process for headache physical therapy by scheduling an appointment or giving us a call today.

    We develop a customized plan to get our clients moving and keep them moving.