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    Herniated Disc Treatment

    What Is a Herniated Disc?

    This structural problem is sometimes at the heart of chronic pain conditions. It works like this: The spine consists of individual bones known as vertebrae. Situated between each of these bones is a disc that’s composed of a fibrous outer layer and softer core. This structure allows the spine to remain flexible and cushioned, and it opens up space for nerves to wind through the spine.

    When one of these discs becomes torn or otherwise injured, the soft core can begin the leak, causing what’s known as a herniated disc. This doesn’t happen all at once; the leak must be complete for herniation to occur, and often the disc will begin to bulge prior to that phase. Eventually, the disc’s outer area will also begin to weaken, and any sort of movement can create pressure that the compromised structure is incapable of handling. This can cause extreme pain and may even lead to a pinching of the nerves that live near the spine. If you feel pain, tingling or numbness in your arm, leg, toes and fingers, a herniated disc might be the cause.


    What Causes the Condition?

    Though it’s certainly not impossible, herniated discs are rarely the result of one situation. More often than not, these resilient bones will respond well to stressors and keep your spine in proper shape.

    That said, your discs are very vulnerable to repetitive injuries, and long periods of incorrect lifting or stressful sitting positions can weaken the structures. Think of this like bending a paper clip: The clip is designed to bend, so it will stay strong with minor movements. Wiggle it back and forth repeatedly, however, and it’ll weaken and eventually break. While a herniated disc won’t snap your spine in half, the repetitive stress will cause the fibrous material to break down, resulting in tiny fissures that open up a roadway for the inner core to begin leaking. This is how the process of a disc bulge and potential herniation begins.


    How Will Pro Therapy Treat It?

    Physical therapy for herniated discs is one of our specialties. At Pro Therapy Mississippi, we have a team of board certified physicians and physical therapists to create a herniated disc therapy plan to alleviate your pain and restore your spine to a youthful state. Not only will you have a thorough evaluation by one of our specialized physical therapists, but you’ll also work with our team at Pro Therapy Mississippi to help you bounce back from a herniated disc injury. All of this takes place in a welcoming, comfortable environment where we treat each patient to personalized care. Learn more about our practices and treatment modalities by scheduling an appointment or giving us a call today.

    We develop a customized plan to get our clients moving and keep them moving.