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    Neck/Shoulder Pain Treatment

    The Basics of Neck and Shoulder Pain

    Neck and shoulder pain is one of the most common issues we see in our Northern Mississippi office, and the reason is clear: Nearly 10 percent of the population experiences a bout of neck pain each year, and those situations can evolve into long-term problems if they’re not treated carefully.

    Referred to clinically as the cervical spine, the neck consists of the top seven vertebrae in the spinal column. Though the area is resilient, it’s also vulnerable to prolonged tension. Stress can deeply affect how you position your shoulders and neck, and working long hours in front of a computer can compromise proper posture. This can lead to neck pain, shoulder pain and headaches that originate from the spinal column.


    How Does the Pain Start?

    Because the neck is the spine’s most flexible area, it’s home to a variety of bones, muscles, nerves and ligaments. Neck pain can originate in any of these spots, and it can also radiate from the jaw, upper arms or head. What’s more, muscle spasms or strain can cause injury to the connective tissues.

    Commonly, neck and shoulder pain is the result of injuries, accidents, aging, bad posture, overexertion and physical or emotional stress. Sometimes, however, the pain can be caused by more complicated conditions like herniated discs, bulging discs, spinal pressure or vessel damage. Our Northern Mississippi physical therapy team will thoroughly evaluate your case to find the root cause of your pain.


    When Should I See a Northern Mississippi Physical Therapist?

    Some instances of neck pain are minor and go away within a day or two. If your condition is recurring, severe or radiating to other areas of the body, you’ll want to discuss the roots of the problem with the physical therapists at Pro Therapy.


    How Will Pro Therapy Treat It?

    We’re the experts when it comes to pain treatment in Northern Mississippi. Our team of physical therapists and rehabilitation specialists will use a team approach to evaluate and diagnose your pain, and we’ll always give you the tools you need to help yourself get back on your feet. Learn more about our techniques on PT for shoulders and PT for neck pain by scheduling an appointment or giving us a call today.

    We develop a customized plan to get our clients moving and keep them moving.