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    Wrist Pain Treatment

    The Basics of Wrist and Hand Pain

    We often think of our wrists as one joint, but there’s actually quite a bit going on beneath the surface. This area is the place where two arm bones meet four hand bones, so your pain could be originating from a number of sources. The physical therapy team at Pro Therapy is highly skilled in diagnosing conditions and injuries in this area.


    What Causes It?

    Minor injuries can often result in major pain, but the most common causes of wrist and hand complaints are repetitive stress, carpal tunnel syndrome and ganglion cysts. It’s also possible that the discomfort is radiating from another area; nerve compression in your cervical spine can send pain shooting through your wrist and fingers.


    When Should I See a Northern Mississippi Physical Therapist?

    Most wrist and hand pain that persists for longer than a day or two is worth evaluation by a medical professional. Injuries in this area can lead to painful, treatment-resistant conditions if they aren’t dealt with promptly at a PT center.


    How Will Pro Therapy Treat It?

    Pro Therapy takes a team approach to wrist and hand pain treatment. Our team of physical therapists work together to uncover the root cause and find the best course of action for your unique needs. Learn more about what makes our method of wrist physical therapy a patient favorite by giving us a call, or scheduling an appointment with our PT centers in Northern Mississippi.

    We develop a customized plan to get our clients moving and keep them moving.