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    Physical Therapy After Total Knee Replacement Surgery

    Physical Therapy After Total Knee Replacement Surgery

    Knee ExcercisesTotal knee replacement surgery is a common procedure performed when a condition such as osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis has damaged the knee to the point that daily activities are difficult to perform. During surgery, the ends of the bones that form the knee joint are removed and replaced with artificial parts. After surgery, the successful recovery of the patient depends on proper rehabilitation training, which is why we offer post surgery physical therapy. Below are some examples of exercises we use in physical therapy after knee replacement.

    Physical therapists help patients recovering from total knee replacement surgery by helping them regain strength, flexibility, range of motion, and balance in their knee. Depending on your goals, general health, activity level, and needs, a physical therapist will create a customized rehab knee replacement physical therapy plan using a variety of exercises and techniques that will help hasten the progress of your recovery. These knee replacement physical therapy exercises include range of motion exercises, strengthening exercises, body awareness and balance techniques, functioning training, and activity specific training. It is very important to follow these exercises for proper physical therapy after knee replacement to ensure a full recovery.

    Range of motion exercises8

    After surgery, swelling and pain can cause the knee to be less able to move. Range of motion exercises are safe and effective exercises that restore your knees ability to move and help you perform daily tasks.

    Strength training

    In addition to targeting the range of motion in your knee, your physical therapist will also want to tackle strength. After surgery, weakness in the thigh and lower leg muscles will make your knees feel shaky and may cause you to need assistance to get around. Your physical therapists will determine the exercises you need to build up the strength in your knee. These exercises should reduce your reliance on crutches, a walker, or a cane.

    Body awareness and balance training

    Our lives are not lived on even surfaces. In order to live full lives our bodies have to adapt to the environment we are in. Body awareness and balance training helps the muscles learn to respond to changes in the world such as gravel walkways and uneven sidewalks. Once you are able to put your full weight on your knee, your physical therapist may have you perform agility exercises that involve a lot of stopping, starting, and turning. They may even have you practice balance on a balance board. Of course, any training will be subject to your needs, goals, and activity level.

    Functioning training

    When you are able to freely walk without pain, your physical therapist may add activities to your knee replacement physical therapy routine that you were able to do before you were limited by knee pain. These activities may include things like getting on and off an escalator or walking quickly to cross the street. Of course, the timeline for returning to leisure and sport activities vary from person to person. However, a physical therapist can work with you to estimate your timeline based on your specific circumstances and craft a knee replacement physical therapy timeline for it.

    Activity-specific training

    Finally, if your career requires you to fulfill certain tasks or you play a sport, physical therapists can develop an additional rehabilitation program tailored to these activities. Whether you have to climb a ladder at work or you play golf, customized rehabilitation training can address the demands these specific activities will place on your knees.

    If you are considering total knee replacement surgery, we are determined have you walking freely and without pain! If you would like to learn more about knee replacement surgery and the services we offer regarding it, call us at (662) 282-4949 to make an appointment!


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