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    Why is Flexibility Important?

    Why is Flexibility Important?

    FlexibilityFlexibility refers to the ability of your joints and muscles to execute their full range of motion. Many day to day activities like walking, getting out of bed and lifting children all require flexibility. Maintaining flexibility allows us to remain mobile and to do these things with ease.

    Muscles naturally lose their strength and size as we age, and overtime our flexibility can also deteriorate due to a sedentary lifestyle. When we naturally fall into habits that lead to reduced mobility of joints and compromised body positions (think sitting at a desk all day or standing in front of a cash register), we set ourselves up for losing our range of motion. Loss of flexibility can lead to permanent changes in posture and normal muscle function, so it’s important to maintain flexibility for our overall health.

    Staying active and stretching regularly help prevent this loss of mobility. Whatever your age, it is imperative that you incorporate stretching into your day at least once a day even if it’s not part of a workout routine. However, incorporating flexibility training into your workout has some extra benefits. After a workout, your muscles are warm and pliable which will allow them to stretch farther. During your workout you push your body work hard, taking the time to stretch encourages your body to recover.

    In addition to helping us maintain active lifestyles, staying flexible also:

    • Helps reduce soreness of muscles after exercise
    • Helps us maintain muscular balance
    • Helps decrease risk of injury
    • Helps move through a greater range of motion
    • Ensures independence as we age.
    • Reduces the chance of experiencing occasional and chronic back pain

    If you’re ready to start flexibility training, here are a few tips that can help get you started.

    • Don’t overdo it; work within your limits. Tension is normal, but if it hurts you’ve pushed too far.
    • Breathe comfortably. Exhale as the muscle lengthens to assist in relaxation.
    • Focus on major muscle groups such as calves, thighs, hips, lower back, neck and shoulders.
    • Stretch your muscles routinely especially at work or play.
    • When you stretch stretch both sides. If you stretch your left hamstring for 30 seconds, then switch to the right hamstring and stitch it for 30 seconds as well.
    • Don’t bounce. Use a smooth motion when lengthening your muscles. Bouncing can cause injury.
    • Hold a stretch for at least 30 seconds. In problem areas you may need to hold for 60 seconds.
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