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    What is Dry Needling?

    What is Dry Needling?

    dry needlingDry needling has been used as an effective treatment for chronic pain since the 1940’s but has gained a recent popularity as less traditional approaches to therapy become more and more mainstream. In the past when an athlete was injured, the traditional diagnosis to aid the healing process was rest. Dry needling gives athletes the chance to speed up that process and get back on the field sooner and with less pain. This probably explains why some professional athletes are even turning to dry needling as a preventive measure for injury.

    Dry needling involves the use of very thin, single-use needles to be inserted into pain points of the muscles called trigger points.Trigger points are hypersensitive nodules commonly referred to as “knots” and are located in the taut bands of the muscle. The technique used by the Doctor of Physical Therapy is based on evidence and proven to be an effective form of treatment in conjunction with conventional treatment. So why is this method called “dry”needling? Simply put there is no medication released into the body unlike an injection.

    A doctor or physical therapist might recommend dry needling sessions in conjunction with a conventional physical therapy regimen if you suffer from:

    • headaches
    • neck and/or back pain
    • shoulder pain
    • plantar fasciitis
    • ligament sprains
    • hip and knee pain
    • muscle sprains
    • repetitive strains injuries
    • Tendonitis
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome

    Typically a physical therapist will target an area of contracted muscle that is the source of the pain. Dry needling works because it goes to the actual source of the pain and has been compared to a targeted deep tissue massage. Most people experience little or no discomfort with the insertion of the needle. However, once the needle hits the trigger point, you may experience a twitching response which can last for a few seconds.

    In addition to your pain level reduction throughout the course of treatment, you’ll experience many long term benefits as well. The tension of the muscle will decrease even more resulting in a greater range of motion and an overall decrease of pain in that area. Less pain and more range of motion leads to a higher quality of life and a healthier you!

    Currently, our Doctor of Physical Therapy is only one of 80 therapist that has undergone certification to perform dry needling in Mississippi. If you’re interested in adding dry needling to your recovery, call us at (662) 282-4949  for more information and to set up an appointment for dry needling in northern Mississippi!

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