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    How to Save Yourself From Back Injury

    How to Save Yourself From Back Injury

    back injuryPrevention is the best medicine especially when it comes to back injury. It’s much easier to prevent than to repair. Your back is critically important for your ability to perform all your daily activities including your job. Most back pain arises from using your back improperly. Learning these few basic rules on how to prevent back injuries can help keep your back in great shape!

    Exercise to strengthen your back.

    Having strong back and stomach muscles helps support your spine. By doing simple back toning exercises such as planks, pushups, and anything that strengthens your core can helps you perform daily activities like loading groceries into the car or playing with your kids.

    Lose excess weight

    Excess weight puts extra force on your back and stomach muscles and your spine. Your back will try to support your weight by swaying backwards which can cause pain. Losing weight can help reduce the pain in your back.

    Maintain good posture

    You can prevent back pain by learning to sit, stand, and lift items correctly. When you sit down, do not slouch. Slouching stretches the ligaments in your back not the muscles and puts pressure on your vertebrae.

    Lift objects correctly

    Lifting incorrectly causes stress on your back and is the main cause back related injuries. In Order to lift  objects without doing damage to your back keep these steps in mind.

    1. Plan your lift. Don’t blindly sling heavy objects around. Look for hazards and determine how they can be avoided
    2. Position yourself correctly in front of the load. Align yourself in front of the load with your feet straddling it. Slowly squat down by bending your knees and keep your back straight. Grab the load with both hands and bring it close to your body.
    3. Lift with your legs. Slowly straighten out your legs until you are standing ypr fight and slowly walk to your destination
    4. Set the load down correctly by reversing what you did to lift it.
    5. Get help when needed. If a load is too heavy or bulky for you to lift alone, then don’t try it. Ask for someone to help you carry your load.

    If you’ve suffered a back injury lately or in the past, physical therapy may be the perfect thing to relieve you of back pain.  We can work with you to develop a treatment plan tailored to your ability and needs. Call us at : (662) 282-4949 for more information or to set up an appointment!

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