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    When Do You Report A Fall to Your Doctor?

    When Do You Report A Fall to Your Doctor?

    According to the folks over at Web MD, fewer seniors are reporting falls to their doctors even though the rate of seniors falling is on the rise. This is a dangerous trend because falling is still the most common cause of injury in senior adults, and injures sustained during these falls can be seriously disabling if not deadly.

    Many seniors worry that reporting a fall will bring up concerns about their ability to live independently. Others, if they don’t sustain any serious injury from the fall, may see it as no big deal and might not want to bother their children or relatives about it. Unfortunately, experiencing one fall increases the chances of a second fall.

    While surgery can correct some damage from a fall, injuries sustained from falls can be devastating to the quality of life for seniors. Let’s face it no one really wants to go through surgery. That’s why it’s so important for seniors to report any fall to their doctor.

    Many factors may cause a fall. Infections such as urinary tract infections or pneumonia can contribute to a fall. Some medications like antidepressant and antianxiety drugs can affect balance. And sometimes a fall can be caused when a blood pressure medicine lowers your blood pressure to much. Only your doctor can help pinpoint and correct those problems.

    The best way to protect yourself from falls is to take preventative action. Some ways to help prevent falls are:

    Keep walking paths clear by removing all throw rugs and clutter
    Using nightlights to keep the path to the bathroom and the living area well lit at night
    Talk to your doctor about medications that cause light headedness
    Installing guardrails and using rubber mats in the bathroom and installing handrails throughout the house
    Maintaining good nutrition
    Maintaining a proper exercise regimen. An exercise regimen will not only keep your muscles strong but will also increase your mobility and balance.

    If you have questions about your daily exercise routine or about physical therapy give us a call at 662-282-4949.

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