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    Healthy Summer Cookout Alternatives

    Healthy Summer Cookout Alternatives

    As we said in our last blog, summer cookouts are fun and more often than not fattening. At every turn there is another “salad” drenched in mayonnaise or creamy dressing. While that may be yummy, it definitely isn’t healthy. For those trying to keep their waistlines in check during this season of fattening goodness, we have some healthy alternatives to the most popular summer cookout foods. While you don’t have to completely forgo your favorites, keep portions and healthy substitutes in mind when eating at a cookout. Also, be sure you prepare for the cookout by working out or making some healthy dishes. (Find out more about that here.) Remember, you don’t have to sacrifice big flavor for less calories.

    Healthy Cookout Swaps


    Our final tip for saving your waistline at cookouts is to skip the alcohol. We know most people love a beer or a cocktail with their cookout grub, but think about the calories you are taking in that ultimately don’t help your body. If you really want a drink, we suggest going with a light beer or a cocktail that is sweetened with fruit and flavored with herbs, like a strawberry mojito.

    We hope these healthy swaps keep you in shape during the season of food (at least until Thanksgiving). Happy eating, folks!

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