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    Choosing the Right Athletic Shoe

    Choosing the Right Athletic Shoe

    Considering we use our feet to walk, healthy feet are among our most important assets. Wearing proper athletic shoes can help prevent a multitude of exercise-related issues, like tendinitis or sore heels. Not only that, proper footwear can improve comfort and performance. So what shoes should you purchase?

    First things first, consider your feet. Do you have flat feet or high arches? What about your foot width? Answering these questions may narrow your choice of shoe to one with better arch support or wider width. We suggest having your feet measured by a specialist as you begin shoe shopping. The shoe should fit the general shape of your feet. At some places, like Trails and Treads in Tupelo, a specialist will not only measure your feet, but also measure your gait. So you can purchase shoes that alleviate any gait related issues you might have.

    Next we considering the purpose of the shoes.

    If your main form of exercise includes walking, we suggest choosing a lightweight shoe. Look for a tennis shoe that has a good amount of shock absorption, especially in the heel. You might want to look for a shoe that has mesh on the top to keep your feet cool on longer walks. Also, flexible toes help you keep your natural stride.

    We really like Brooks Glycerin for all kinds of road walking or running. Also, you could look into Brooks T7 or Nike Free for a lighter weight shoe. These are good for sprinters as well.

    We recommend purchasing athletic shoes with good cushion. Like walking shoes, your running shoes should have good shock absorption. Look for shoes with good heel control to keep your foot from slipping while running. Blisters are no fun. Also, shoes with these features can help prevent shin splints, heel pain, and stress fractures.

    Where you run matters, too. If you are running on asphalt, look for shoes with a little extra padding. The pavement can be hard on your feet, so the padding is an extra level of protect. If you are running on trails, look for shoes with a deeper tread. You want a sturdier shoe for trails. This will help keep you balanced when avoiding roots and rocks on the trail. Look for a balance between cushioning and stability when shopping for both.

    For those avid runners, we prefer Mizuno Wave Riders or Brooks Glycerin. For those running on trails, check out Brooks PureGrit 3 Trail Runners. Most brands carry a trail running shoes, so we recommend finding a brand you like and a shoe that fits your foot well.

    If you play tennis, volleyball, basketball, racquetball, or other court sports, find a shoe with a sturdy, stable sole that can support your feet during constant back-and-forth movement. For field sports like baseball, soccer, golf, or football, you’ll want shoes with cleats, spikes, or studs for better traction. Many schools will make recommendations for the shoes you or your child might need.

    One last tip, shop for shoes at the end of the day when your feet are a little bit larger. This is how they will be when you are running. We hope these tips help our favorite walkers and runners find the perfect shoes for their feet.

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