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    Summer Recipes for Kids

    Summer Recipes for Kids

    Summer break lurks right around the corner. While it is one of the most exciting moments for the kids (everyone remembers the summertime/graduation exit in Grease), parents don’t always feel the same way. Not only do you have to find someone to watch the little ones during the day, but you have to find ways to feed the ever-hungry munchkins. Sometimes, little Debbies and mac and cheese is the easiest thing to do. Just because the kids get summer break doesn’t mean parents do, too.

    We know you want the best for your children, and that means eating in the best way possible. So we gathered some summertime inspired recipes to help you out and keep your kids on a healthy eating spree. They will love these meals, and they will be good for them, too. Although you don’t have to tell them that.

    • Banana Bagels. Take whole wheat bagels and smear them with nut butter and top with sliced banana.
    • Homemade granola. Spices, nuts, oats and dried fruit make a delicious and healthy summertime snack. Plus, it will give your kiddos energy. (We haven’t decided if this is a good or bad thing.)
    • Fruit salad. Dress with yogurt or lime juice, and your fruit has a yummy twist.
    • Turkey burgers. Hamburger meat can be heavy and greasy. Turkey is leaner. We really like this recipe. You can use lettuce leaves instead of buns to be even healthier.
    • Baked fish sticks or chicken nuggets. No, we don’t mean the ones out of the freezer. You can make your own easily. Here’s a good recipe.
    • Frozen grapes. They are easy, cheap, and delicious! Plus, instead of sugar filled popsicle, they can have frozen goodness.
    • Frozen yogurt bites. Just put small dots of yogurt onto a baking sheet and freeze. We love this idea because it is such a great and healthy way to cool the kids down.
    • Apple Sandwiches. Core the apple and slice into rounds. Add some peanut butter, chocolate chips, granola, and nuts to the middle (like the picture above).

    We hope you got some great ideas for your kids summer meal plan! For more healthy food inspired dishes, check out our breakfast blog!

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