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    How to Choose the Right Bike

    How to Choose the Right Bike

    Who doesn’t love riding bikes? Our childhood memories are filled with scenes of blurred landscapes, spinning wheels, blowing hair, and laughter. All of which happen in the seat of a bike. But times and bikes have changed since our youth, so when you go to purchase a piece of nostalgia (aka a bike) be sure you choose the one that is right for you.

    We have some tips on choosing the right bike for your body and the explanations between different bike types.

    Road Bikes

    • Best used on pavement.
    • Lighter than a mountain or comfort bike.
    • Great for fitness riding, commuting, or long distance rides.
    • When purchasing a road bike, you can choose from two handlebar types.
      • Drop handles essentially put your body in a more aerodynamic position which equals faster speeds.
      • Flat handlebars offer an upright, comfortable riding position.

    Mountain Bikes

    • Best used on dirt or rocky roads and trails.
    • Shock absorbing features, better brakes, lower gears provide better control on steeper terrain.
    • Choose from two types:
      • Hardtail has front suspension provides versatility for paved and dirt roads.
      • Full suspension has front and rear suspension and is ideal for backcountry.

    Comfort/Hybrid Bikes

    • Best for paved, dirt, and gravel terrain.
    • Ideal for neighborhoods and parks.
    • Comfort bikes are best for relaxed, recreational use.
    • Hybrid Bikes offer the best of road bikes and comfort bikes.

    Remember that bikes are measured in wheel size, not the size of the structure. When in the store, use the stand over test. Simply straddle the bike of your choice with your feet flat on the ground. There should be 1 inch of space between your body and the rail for road bikes and 2 inches for mountain bikes. Kids should be able to stand over the bike. Don’t buy them one that is a little too big and expect them to grow into it. That can be dangerous.

    If you find the perfect bike with a less than perfect seat, just change it. You can easily change the seat on most bike models for more comfortable ones. Also, don’t forget the other accessories like a helmet.

    So before you hit the Tanglefoot Trail this weekend, be sure your bike is right for you. If you have further questions, contact us at 662-282-4949.

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