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    Health and Wellness Tips

    Health and Wellness Tips

    We talk a lot about specific health and wellness topics: How to perform the perfect plank, healthy food for your kids, how to get the most out of your gym, when to hire a personal trainer, etc. But we haven’t touched much on the topic of general health and wellness. That doesn’t mean how to run ten miles; it means how to have an overall healthy life.

    With lifestyles that promote stress instead of relaxation, we all have to remember from time to time that our bodies can only take some much. While everyone is different (and we totally love that), we all can do certain little things to make our lives healthier and boost our overall wellness.

    Here are a few of our favorite tips to increase your wellness and decrease your stress.

    • Pamper Yourself. Yes, that is the first tip on our list because so many people don’t do this. We are looking at you moms. Take some time for just you. Get a massage, get your hair and nails done, escape to a weekend spa retreat. Taking this time for yourself will not only increase your wellness, but it will make you a better mom, dad, worker, student, husband, wife, or which ever role you play in your life.
    • Small Talk. Recent studies have shown that just 10 minutes per day of chatter can keep your mind as sharp as doing a puzzle each day. Plus, talking is so much easier than a puzzle. So have lunch with your friend or call your sister on your way home from work.
    • Drink More Water. We know we have stressed this issue so many times, but properly hydrating can completely change your health. It is such a small thing with such massive results. Try carrying a bottle of iced water with you everywhere you go. Swap your sodas and sweet tea for iced water with lemon or lime (actually, we really like lime and cucumber water).
    • Have a night out. This tip is essential. While you need time to be pampered (see tip 1), you also need time to let loose and have fun! Grab your friends and go out to eat. You could even go dancing which has the big plus of fun exercise.
    • Exercise. We know not every loves the gym as much as we do, but it is essential to a healthy life. Our bodies need exercise just as much as they need food, water, air and sleep. If you aren’t a gym member, try getting outside three times a week and talking a walk. You could even do some exercises at home like planks, squats, crunches, sit-ups, lunges, and yoga.
    • Listen to Music. We know this seems silly, but listening to music can help your entire attitude. It is a great way to release pent-up emotions. So turn up Beyonce and have a dance party. All the single ladies!
    • Nap It Out. We love naps. Studies have proven that power naps can actually increase productivity and creativity. Some companies, like Google, have even included “nap rooms” where their employees can take short power naps to get them through the day. Plus, the Italians take extra long lunches to nap, and they are fabulous. #WhenInRome
    • Breathe Deep. That’s right. Take a deep breath in. Hold it. Now, release slowly. You might feel silly the first time, but repeat that a couple of times and BAM. You will feel better. This technique has a serious calming effect on the breather. You can even teach your kids to do this when they get upset. Remember that younger children haven’t fully learned how to control or understand their emotions, and breathing exercises can help them calm down and understand why they were upset in the first place.
    • Kiss Your Significant Other. Yep, kissing isn’t just magical for your heart. It can help you lead a healthier life. Studies have shown that kissing can help lower your stress levels, and people, stress stinks. So kiss it away!
    • Laugh. It is the simplest thing ever. Have you ever had a really, really, horrible, bad, no-good, terrible day where everything just fell apart then you laughed and all of the grossness went away? Yeah, laughing is crazy cool like that. So the next time you have one of those days, just laugh it away. It’s like shaking it off, but better. (That was a Taylor Swift reference, obviously.)

    Well dear readers, we hope you have been inspired to live healthier and happier lives filled with laughter, kissing, water, naps, music, massages, and more. If you have any questions or would like to join our gym (exercise is necessary, remember?), contact Cory at 662-282-4949. Here is a funny picture to get your overall wellness started.

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