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    Warm Up and Cool Down Importance

    Warm Up and Cool Down Importance

    You have heard people say that you need to warm up before exercising and cool down after, but really, how many of us abide by these rules? Many of the members who come into our gyms jump straight into intensive cardio, completely bypassing the warm up portion of the workout. So is it really necessary to warm-up? We have a few answers for you.

    As for many gym lovers, the why’s and how’s behind the warm up and cool down theory aren’t very clear cut. A warm-up is basically the slower pace of whatever cardio you are planning on doing as well as a dynamic stretch (like legs swings or walking lunges). If you are going to run, start with a few legs swings and a walk or a light jog. Here’s why warming up is so important:

    • Increases blood flow and oxygen to the muscles
    • Minimizes stress on your heart by slowly raising heart rate and blood pressure
    • Prevents serious injury

    Cool downs are just as important as the warm ups. Have you ever stepped off the treadmill and immediately felt that light-headed dizziness? That’s because you didn’t cool-down. Basically, a cool down allows your heart rate and your blood pressure to slowly decrease. If you are running, you can slow to a jog then a walk and after do a few static hold stretches (like calf stretch, hamstring stretch, and side bends). The cool down phase is the perfect time for stretching because your muscles are still warm from the workout. Cool downs are important because it:

    • Minimizes stress on your heart
    • Prevents dizziness and fainting after cardio
    • Allows blood pressure and heart rate to slowly and safely drop

    Do your body a favor and slowly progress into and out of your workouts. If you have any questions, please contact us at 662-282-4949.

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