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    How to Perfectly Perform a Plank

    How to Perfectly Perform a Plank

    We are all familiar with some of the most common workouts including planks, squat, lunges, and many more. Each is a staple in our gym lovers workouts, but how do you know if you are doing them correctly?

    We have to admit, it is rather difficult to see yourself while performing each move, especially when it comes to planks. So, we understand how easy it can be to have incorrect form and not realize it. We’ve created a series of photos to show you the difference between the wrong form and the right form. Grab a partner to help you perform them correctly. Take turns taking pictures of each other doing a plank and then see if you can tell what you need to do differently.

    Let’s dive into the right and wrong ways of planks. Cory, our fearless CrossFit White Horse instructor, physical therapy assistant and owner, agreed to demonstrate.

    Move One: What do you think? Right or Wrong?

    Wrong Plank









    If you guessed wrong, then you would be right! This move is wrong because Cory has his back arched. This move more closely resembles downward dog than a plank.

    Move Two:

    Wrong Plank









    Wrong. Again. The arch (or the inverted arch) is the problem in this pose as well. Instead of presenting a straight line from his feet to his head, he is curved and relaxed. This is not the correct way to do a plank.


    Move Three:

    Correct Raised Plank









    This is the correct move! See how he makes a straight line with his body from his feet all the way to the direction of his head. We approve of this plank. Go Cory!

    Move Four:

    Wrong Plank









    We know many of you would be tricked by this plank. It looks correct at first glance, but, in fact, it is wrong. Look at his head. It is facing upward, making this an ineffective plank.

    Move Five:

    Correct Plank









    Correct! See the difference between move five and move four? His head is facing down instead of up, creating a straight line and perfecting the plank. (We know Cory’s back looks somewhat arched, but that is due to the curvature of his spine.)

    What are your thoughts on proper plank techinque? Do you prefer to have your arms bent or fully extended? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section! Have a good plank? Share it on Facebook and tag us! If you have any questions or would like to set up a meeting with Cory, please call us at 662-282-4949.

    Don’t miss our post about how to correctly perform squats and lunges!

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