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    Healthy Eats: Breakfast Edition

    Healthy Eats: Breakfast Edition

    You hear it all of the time. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We definitely don’t disagree. It provides energy for the rest of the day and provides much-needed vitamins and other nutrients (as long as you aren’t eating sugary cereal). It’s so important, in fact that most food related questions (anything from not having enough time to not knowing what to fix) concern breakfast. We’re offering you a few ideas to get you off on the right foot every day.











    Chia Pudding 

    Chia seeds are superfoods. Containing omega 3 fatty acids, protein, fiber, and calcium, these little seeds are the perfect morning (or anytime) food. Plus, this pudding is so simple to make. Toss the ingredients together, place in the fridge, and breakfast is ready when you wake up the next morning.











    Peanut Butter and Berry Energy Wrap
    The perfect on-the-go breakfast food. Protein from the peanut butter, antioxidants from the berries, and the cinnamon to spice things up, this wrap has it all.












    Stuffed Breakfast Peppers
    For those who just don’t like sweet things from breakfast, we have your savory meal. Eggs, spinach, mushrooms, and peppers make this go to breakfast insanely flavorful. Add some cheese if you want even more deliciousness. (We suggest Cheddar or Colby jack.)









    Mini Ham and Cheese Quinoa Cups
    These adorable little bites are the perfect make-ahead breakfast meal. Just grab a few and go. Plus, they are made with quinoa, the super grain. Quinoa contains protein, fiber (twice as much as other grains), iron, lysine, magnesium, and riboflavin.












    Green Eggs and Ham Frittata
    Who doesn’t love this throwback to the Dr. Seuss childhood classic? This frittata is another great make ahead meal. Just heat it up the next morning.












    Green Monster Smoothie
    Okay, don’t panic! Yes, this smoothie is green, but it is also absolutely delicious. With apples, lemon, cucumber, and ginger, the bold flavors of this drink will brighten your morning without giving you that heavy feeling. Also, you can customize this drink. Kale isn’t your thing? Just substitute it for spinach or other greens. You can add ice as well to give it great texture.










    Blueberry Whole Wheat Muffins
    We love this muffin! It is reminiscent of the classic but made with pastry flour so it is lower in gluten and higher in fiber. Plus, the kiddos will love them.


    Advocare Accompaniments: To add a little extra protein to some of these meals, like the muffins, smoothie or pudding, try adding in our Advocare Muscle Gain. For those who need a little extra energy, try our Advocare Spark.

    The great thing about most of the recipes is that you can make them the night or weekend before and grab a fabulous breakfast on the fly. The Advocare accompaniments are just the icing on the cake (figuratively, of course). Here’s to your next great morning with amazing food fuel! If you have any questions about breakfast or Advocare, give Cory a call at 662-282-4949.

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