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    Indoor Activities for Kids

    Indoor Activities for Kids

    indoor activitesWith the Christmas break fast approaching, parents might be frantically searching for activities to keep their kids occupied while at home. No mom likes hearing, “Moommm, we’re bored!” Christmas break also includes cold and often wet weather, so outdoor play isn’t always feasible. Fear not, faithful parents! We have a few indoor activities to help keep your kids from the trademark boredom whine.

    -Simon Says: Who doesn’t remember this from his or her childhood? Simon Says stand on one foot while patting your head and rubbing your tummy. This game is a great way to get the blood flowing and the kids off the couch. Unless, of course, Simon says to sit on the couch.

    -Dance party: Being active indoors can be tricky, but a dance party in the living room is a perfect way to burn off those holiday cookies and entertain the kiddos. Make it even more fun by adding the element of “Freeze.” When the music randomly stops, everyone has to freeze!

    -Treasure Hunt: Hide items around the house in random places and create a treasure map or riddle to help you kids find them. You could also dress up as pirates. Ay ay, captain!

    -Hide and Seek: This classic game will never go out of style! Plus, when one is found or hiding, there tends to be a great deal of running from the seeker.

    -Indoor Basketball: All you need for this game is a bucket and a sock ball. Say hello to indoor (and fairly safe) version of an outdoor game. You could also do a sock soccer version. Hustle, kids!

    We hope you have an exciting holiday with your kiddos this year! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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