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    Exercise Changes: Fall to Winter

    Exercise Changes: Fall to Winter

    The winter season often brings out the hibernation mode in us. We don’t want to get up because we are warm and comfy under the blankets. Excuses tend to pile up like pies on the dessert table. Don’t let winter over take your exercise regimen! You can still workout in the cold, you just need to make a few adjustments from your summer and fall routines. Here are some tips for working out in cold weather.

    -Always check the weather and temperature before hitting the pavement. If the wind is bad or the temperature extremely low, it might be best to just head to the gym instead. Also, checking the weather can prepare you for how many layers to wear.

    -Dress in loose layers. The layers will help keep your body heat within the clothing and closer to your body. Also, try to avoid wearing cotton next to your skin. If you sweat, the cotton will soak and stick to your skin, chilling you.

    -Wear protective gear. If you are running early or late, be sure to wear reflective gear so motorists know you are on the road. Accidents like those can be avoided so easily.

    -Protect your hands, feet, and head. Wear gloves, thick socks, and a toboggan or earwarmers when the temperatures are low. You don’t want your extremities to get frostbite.

    -Drink plenty of fluids. Although you might not always feel thirsty, always drink plenty of water when exercising.

    -Don’t forget the sunscreen. Even if the clouds are out, you still need to protect your exposed skin. A moisturizer with SPF would be perfect because your face will probably be the only skin exposed.

    -Stretch, people! This is a given prerequisite to any exercise routine, warm or cold.

    -Check with a doctor or local physical therapist before starting an exercise regimen.

    We hope these tips get you through the cold winter weather this season. Good luck, fellow athletes!

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