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    Exercise and Diabetes

    Exercise and Diabetes

    Are you at risk for diabetes? This November, as we raise awareness for National Diabetes Month, we’re spreading the word that exercise can you manage your diabetes. Exercise lowers blood sugar, increases insulin action, and aids in weight loss.

    Before you start an exercise regimen, be sure to consult your physician. Once you’ve been given the go ahead, be prepared to deal with hypoglycemia, and check glucose levels before and after each workout. Now for the exercise tips!

    -Start out with small, quick workouts that equal 30 minutes a day.
    -Increase overall activity – walk, climb stairs, park in the far away space, etc.
    -Set specific, attainable goals. Don’t set your goals so high that they are out of reach.
    -Join a class or workout with a friend. Not only will it increase productivity, but if you become hypoglycemic you will have someone there to help.
    -Try weight training. It builds muscle mass which helps maintain blood sugar.
    -Swimming is another great option. It doesn’t put pressure on joints.
    -Use a pedometer. Set a goal for how many steps you want to walk a day. 10,000 steps is about 5 miles.

    We hope these tips get you on the right foot with your exercise regimen. If you have questions, contact Cory Lee for help at 662-282-4949.

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