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    Cold Weather Pain

    Cold Weather Pain

    The cold and flu aren’t the only health problems associated with winter weather. The chilly weather brings an array of health issues including everything from muscle aches to dry skin. With all of these winter related ailments, it is important to know the remedies and preventative steps to take during these colder months.

    Muscle Aches: It’s not uncommon to hear athletes protest cold weather. “A mile in cold weather is like two in warm weather.” The cold weather can make you feel achy. Whether this is due to the weather or not, most of the time a warm bath or shower can help soothe those aching muscles. If the cold presents a bigger problem, move your workouts indoors.

    Arthritis: We all have that eccentric relative that swears his or her joints can predict rain. Although we cannot comment on the psychic abilities of those said joints, we can attest to many people feeling more pain in the winter. Try dressing warmer if venturing outside and exercising indoors to avoid the cold bite of winter.

    Dry Skin: With drier air and cold winds, winter can sap the moisture out of our skin, especially with outdoor exercise. Dry skin can worsen to the point of severely chapped lips and bleeding. The best way to rehydrate your skin is through eating healthy fats like avocado or drinking lots of water. It doesn’t hurt to keep a good moisturizer on hand for a quick fix.

    Headaches: With the barometric pressure changes and darker days, headaches are a commonplace, especially for people who are prone to migraines. A great way to avoid those derailing headaches is to take Vitamin D supplements and exercise.

    Dehydration: You skin isn’t the only thing that gets dehydrated during the winter. Many times we focus on hot drinks like coffee or tea and forget to drink the good stuff. Be sure you are getting in just as much if not more water as you do in the warmer months. Staying hydrated can also help prevent the common cold, headaches, dry skin and a ton of other winter ailments.

    We hope these tips help you stay happy and healthy during the winter months. After all, no one wants to be sniffling or aching at the tree on Christmas morning. If you have questions or are looking for a gym for the colder months, contact Cory Lee at 662-282-4949.

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