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    Avoiding Falls During Winter

    Avoiding Falls During Winter

    As the air turns freezing, so do the roads, pathways, and sidewalks. Walking can become serious work during these icy times, especially for those who are older and less stable. Some of the worst and most frequent winter-related injuries are the result of a nasty fall. So we have some tips to keep you upright during the winter seasons!

    -Concentrate on your path. Be watchful of icy patches.
    -Wear good shoes. Make sure they have some traction on the bottom.
    -Use handrails. Even if the stairs look safe, use the handrail. It can prevent a fall.
    -Clean your shoes before going inside. You don’t want to fall on a wet floor.
    -Keep your hands free. We know it’s cold, but try to keep your hands on the out of your pockets for balance.
    -Take small steps. This helps with balance as well.
    -Watch for slippery floors. Not everyone heeds the “clean shoe” warning.
    -Use a walking cane if necessary.
    -Don’t fight the fall. When you realize you are falling, just try to relax or sit. The less tense you are, the less likely you are to be hurt.

    We hope the tips will prevent a fall and in turn prevent an injury. If you have more questions, contact us at 662-282-4949.

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