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    How to Continue Wellness After PT Sessions End

    How to Continue Wellness After PT Sessions End

    Finally! You have reached the moment you have been waiting weeks or even months for. Your physical therapy sessions have come to an end. (Don’t worry. We know you love us. We’ll miss you, too.) But what now? Do you just stop the exercises or should you continue?

    Most physical therapists would suggest continuing the PT exercises for a few weeks after officially ending the sessions. We definitely agree with that, but we also think there are other things you can do to maintain your current wellness and eventually improve. Here are our tips.

    -Join a gym: The gym is one of the best places to continue wellness and improve mobility and function. So find one near you that fits your needs.

    -Relearn exercises: Many injuries are caused by training errors (check out our blog), so now is a good time to relearn exercises to be sure you are performing correctly.

    -Slowly ease back into working out: Whether you are just starting to workout after a few years of hiatus or if you were an avid gym rat, don’t burst through the gym doors full throttle. Take it easy for a while. Your body is still healing, so take it slow and let your muscles get use to the workouts.

    -Personal trainer: To prevent future injuries by training errors and to further improve, hire a personal trainer. Most gyms give you this option, and you can really see what exercises benefit you the most.

    If you have any questions or would like to join a gym (ahem, we have two 24 hour gyms in Mantachie and Mooreville), just give us a call at 662-282-4949.

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