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    Fall Produce Report: In Season Fruits & Veggies

    Fall Produce Report: In Season Fruits & Veggies

    It’s fall, y’all! We couldn’t be more happy about it. Fall is the perfect time for outdoor exercise as well as finding great produce. Although fall provides an abundance of fruits and veggies, with mega markets selling things year round, it can be confusing which produce is actually in season (and which has been shipped hundreds of miles). So here is a list of yummy fruits and veggies that should grace your dinner table throughout fall and part of winter.


    -Apples: The classic fall fruit. Apples grace sweet and savory dishes (like apple pie and apple pork). Although they are available year round, apples are at their best and most flavorful from September through November.

    -Pears: This fruit, like apples, can be used in sweet and savory dishes. When choosing pears, look for a slight give when pressure is applied.

    -Pumpkins: Don’t just carve those pumpkins. Fresh pumpkins are amazing! Look for smaller ones, around 5-7 pounds for the sweetest and most concentrated flavor.

    -Figs: Figs actually have two seasons. When shopping for these fruits, don’t let the appearance fool you. Small cracks won’t affect the flavor. Look for figs that are heavy for their size.

    -Cranberries: 95% of cranberries don’t make it to the fresh produce section. They are either dried or canned. So be sure and make use of the fresh ones this fall! They are only in season from October to November.

    -Grapes: Here is another fruit that is available year round. Yet, they are best during the fall months. Be sure to pick up a bunch this fall.


    -Mushrooms: We know you can get these throughout the year, but fall and winter are the best months for mushrooms! Look for ‘shrooms with firm and evenly colored skins.

    -Winter Squashes: Butternut. Acorn. Spaghetti. All of these squashes are at their prime at this time of year. Look for solid heavy squash with a firm stem.

    -Shallots: These onion-like veggies look like overgrown garlic cloves, yet their subtle flavor compliments delicate dishes perfectly. Choose shallots that are firm and heavy for their size. Don’t forget to store them in a cool, dry space.

    -Brussels sprouts: This poor veggie has gotten a really bad rap over the years. You just have to know how to cook them properly. (Here’s a great recipe.) When shopping for brussels, choose small, firm and compact ones. The smaller ones tend to be sweeter.

    -Greens: Arugula, kale, lettuce, cabbage, and spinach are all greens that are best in fall and winter. The cooler weather takes the bitter taste out of the veggies. Fall and early winter are the best times to incorporate these yummy greens into your dinner plans. Don’t just use them in salads. You can use the kale and cabbage in different soups. The arugula is fantastic on sandwiches, and the spinach is delicious as a side dish.

    We hope we gave you some inspiration for your upcoming family and holiday dinners! Call us for more nutritional information at 662-282-4949.

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