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    The Best After-School Snacks for Your Kids

    The Best After-School Snacks for Your Kids

    So your kids run in the door and immediately start with the, “I’m hungry!” We know that pizza rolls are often the easiest solution to this persistent problem, but those are not exactly the healthiest choice. When the after-school munchies hit this year, try these healthy treats instead.

    – Fruit with yogurt dip or peanut butter dip: Strawberries with spiced greek yogurt or apples/pears with thick peanut butter are some of the best choices for after school snack time. Both the yogurt and peanut butter have tons of protein that will keep your kiddos full until dinner time.

    – Baked sweet potato fries: This is a great alternative to regular fries. Dress them up with cinnamon and sugar or just a dash of salt. We really like these sweet potato fries.

    – Tortilla pizza: We love this idea instead of pizza rolls. All you need are corn tortillas, salsa or marinara, and cheese. Maybe a pepperoni or two. Bake (or toast in the toaster oven) until warm, melted, and crispy.

    – Smoothie: Want to hide some greens in your child’s treats? Smoothies are the perfect way. Toss in some spinach, kale, or cucumbers with tons of fruit, greek yogurt, and agave. You have the perfect after school smoothie.

    – Chocolate Banana Pops: This is the perfect frozen treat! Dip bananas in chocolate and sprinkle with nuts or those colorful little sprinkles then freeze. Seriously. The perfect treat.

    – Granola with nuts and dried fruit: We love homemade granola. It is insanely more healthy than the store bought stuff. So get your Martha Stewart on and make some granola. You can put it over yogurt, eat with milk or even alone. Here is our favorite recipe.

    – Quesadillas:  We know what you thought of! Those cheesy, gooey things you get at Mexican restaurants. We have some different options for you. Try a Nutella, banana quesadilla or a peanut butter banana one with dark chocolate chips. You could even do apple with cheddar cheese.

    – Veggies and Hummus: Personally, we love hummus. We know it might be hard to get kids to try something foreign, but they might just love it. Try pairing it with their favorite veggies like carrots, celery, cucumber, peppers, sugar snap peas, or broccoli. If they don’t like it, try this yogurt ranch dip!

    – Popcorn: Who doesn’t love popcorn? It comes sweet or salty. Basically, it’s perfection. We love this classy, cheesy version.

    We hope these healthy snacks will help you with after school snacks for your kids! If you have any questions, call Cory at 662-282-4949. Also, check out our After School Exercise blog to get your kids moving after their awesome snack.

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