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    Tips to Better Posture

    Tips to Better Posture

    In our last blog, we discussed the importance of good posture. Now we will give you some tips on improving your posture while exercising as well as in your daily lives.

    So many people have jobs where they sit at a desk for hours, which often produces very poor posture and leads to pain. When we exercise, poor posture can lead to injuries. Maintaining an ergonomic position can help eliminate pain as well as preventing injury. So here are a few tips to help your posture.

    When seated:
    Plant both feet on the floor. If your feet do not touch the floor, use a foot rest.
    Knees should be level with hips.
    Place your back firmly against the chair.
    Do not cross your legs or sit with legs under you.
    Ankles should be in front of knees.
    Forearms should be parallel to the floor. Use a chair arm rests to help brace your arms.
    Use tools and props like lumbar support pillows or seat wedges to help promote good posture.
    Do not sit for long periods of time. Occasionally stand up and stretch.

    When standing:
    Keep your chest high.
    Shoulders should be back and relaxed.
    Plant feet parallel, shoulder-width apart.
    Knees should be slightly bent. Do not lock them.
    Allow arms to hang naturally.
    Keep your head level. Ears should be at the mid-point of the shoulder.
    If standing for long periods of time, shift weight from foot to foot and ball of foot to heel of foot.

    Workout Posture:
    Squats- Keep your knees from moving inward.
    Deadlift- Maintain natural lumbar curvature.
    Shoulder Press- Maintain natural shoulder movement.
    Plank- Prevent your head and stomach from drooping towards the floor. Be straight as a board, hence the name plank.
    Running- Land as softly as possible to prevent damage to joints and muscles.

    Hopefully these tips will help you have better posture and a healthier life. Call Cory or Kim Lee with your questions and concerns at 66-282-4949.

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