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    Switch It Up: The Secrets to Challenging Your Body

    Switch It Up: The Secrets to Challenging Your Body

    We all love routines, especially when it comes to exercise. We’re all guilty of finding a workout video or machine we love and sticking with it. Unfortunately, we are cheating ourselves out of the best benefits by getting stuck in these routines.

    The body adapts to any type of exercise over time. For instance, after your first visit to a spin class, your legs are shot, breathing is difficult, and your whole body can feel the workout. Yet, after the 10th or 20th class, you can handle the regimen much better than the first time. Why? Well, your body has adapted to the the exercise over time.

    Now that we know the problem, check out these ideas for breaking the workout routine.

    1. Work out the different muscle groups with different workouts each week. One week try a higher weight with less reps, then the next week try a lighter weight with more reps. Also, a helpful tip is to workout the larger muscles to the smaller muscles to prevent fatigue.

    2. Don’t limit your switch up to weight machines, it works for cardio, too! You might love your treadmill, but switch up machines each cardio workout. Try the elliptical or the bike. You could even try different classes (like our CrossFit class hint, hint). If you’re working out from home and stuck to your treadmill, you can use different routines like intervals of running and jogging or walking up an incline.

    3. Another great way to challenge your body is trying exercise that doesn’t use machines, but instead uses your body as the weight. CrossFit is a great example of this type of exercise. If CrossFit isn’t for you, then yoga or Pilates or even zumba are awesome options that truly challenge the body.

    These simple changes help to stimulate and challenge your body, which promotes growth and advancement. If you have any questions regarding the information above or about our new 24 hour gym, give Cory a call at 662-282-4949.

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