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    National Nutrition Month

    National Nutrition Month

    With most holidays, food, often unhealthy food, is an essential part of the celebration. But what about the holidays that celebrate healthy eating habits?

    In honor of March’s National Nutrition Month, we have decided to share our top 10 ways of celebrating healthy living. Challenge yourself to try one during the month of March. You might discover that you feel better and have more energy.

    1) Fill your fridge with healthy foods: Instead of stuffing the fridge with processed meats, sugary drinks, and frozen meals, try fresh fruits and veggies. Having the healthy option at your fingertips can help tremendously.

    2) Incorporate veggies into every meal: Yes, every meal. That includes breakfast. Add spinach, kale, mushrooms, or bell peppers to your morning meals.

    3) Portion Control: Most restaurants serve huge portions that aren’t right for a nutritious diet. If you eat out, try control how much you eat. You don’t have to consume everything on your plate. You can take the leftovers to-go and eat them later.

    4) Thirsty? Hungry?: It is important to know the difference between being thirsty and being hungry. Try grabbing a cup of hot tea the next time you are feeling hungry when you shouldn’t be. After drinking, if you are still hungry, eat a healthy meal.

    5) Food Swaps: There are tons of different ways to swap not-so-healthy foods with food that is packed with nutrition, like using avocado instead of mayo. Check out our previous blog for more great food swaps.

    6) Ditch the Empty Calories: Try eating food that provides your body with the most nutrients possible. Items like soda provide no nutritional value.

    7) Avoid Processed Foods: Choose foods that are closest to their natural state. For example, instead of apple juice, eat an apple.

    8 ) Read and understand labels: Do some research on the ingredients in your favorite packaged foods. You might discover some unsettling facts. By reading and understanding the labels, you can enforce number 7 more effectively.

    9) Eat to Exercise, Don’t Exercise to Eat: Think of food as fuel. You want to put the best products into your body to keep it strong and healthy. A whole workout could be ruined by a massive slice of chocolate cake. Try changing to the mindset of fueling for your workouts.

    10) Cook with a kid: National Nutrition Month isn’t just about cleaning up your eating, but it is also about learning and teaching. By allowing a child to be involved throughout each step of the cooking and eating process, you will have taught them valuable lessons about food and nutrition.

    Bonus: Consider trying Advocare, a natural nutritional supplement.

    We hope these nutritional tips help you in your pursuit of healthfulness. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns at 662-282-4949.

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