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    An Athlete’s Perspective: Brandi Peters

    An Athlete’s Perspective: Brandi Peters

    Usually I like to write on topics relating to health, fitness, and rehabilitation, but this week I thought I would allow one of our athletes to share about her experience at CrossFit White Horse. I sat down with Brandi Peters who states she had no prior fitness before beginning CrossFit with no desire to workout. Her only form of exercise was while riding dirt bikes with friends and family. She knew she needed to do something to get stronger because she was having difficulty lifting and even grasping objects at home and work. Brandi heard about CrossFit from co-workers who constantly talked about this “CrossFit stuff” and how much they were not only enjoying the challenge, but also the community of the other athletes. In July, Brandi decided to try this CrossFit stuff and joined some friends at CrossFit White Horse in Mantachie. She’s been hooked ever since. Brandi says her experience has been life changing. Prior to CrossFit she was constantly lethargic, taking 2 hour naps after work “just to function,” whereas now she has noticed an increase in strength that has translated into her other hobbies. For instance, for the first time she was able to lift her own bike across rocks instead of needing help. Brandi has visited other CrossFit gyms in the area and in other states while on vacation, but says there is no place like your home box. “The CrossFit community is great because everyone is so encouraging, but there is no place like home,” Brandi says. From that first day in July, “I never felt intimidated” at CrossFit White Horse. To those that are on the fence about CrossFit or are nervous, Brandi encourages, “just give it a try. What are you going to lose? Everyone is supportive, and all the workouts are scalable.” Her most inspiring quote is, “by doing something you’ve already done more than the people still on the couch.”

    Since Brandi began CrossFit with us I have noticed a transformation in appearance, strength, and increase in energy. To watch Brandi go from using 15 pound dumb bells to using 95 pound barbells has been amazing. Her experience is only one of many. All of our athletes have their own success stories that would blow you away. The most exciting thing to me as a coach is to see the progress made in the gym being translated into everyday lives. That is our goal at CrossFit White Horse, to increase overall fitness and help our athletes function better in their world.

    Beginning January 1st we will expand our class times to provide more opportunities to get fit. We are excited about bringing our brand of fitness to Mantachie and the surrounding communities. We hope to be in our new facility by the first of the year. We will offer physical therapy, a 24 hour gym, CrossFit, CrossFit Kids, and help with nutrition through Advocare. For more information, contact us at Pro Physical Therapy at 662-282-4949.

    By Cory Lee, LPTA, RRCA-Running Coach, L-1CrossFit, CrossFit Gymnastics
    Co-Owner of Pro Physical Therapy and CrossFit White Horse.

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