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    Exercise and nutrition key to preventing bone loss in Baby Boomers

    Exercise and nutrition key to preventing bone loss in Baby Boomers

    “Mom’s fallen and broken her hip”. The dreaded words no one wants to hear. Falls and broken bones are an increasing fear for baby boomers, but what most don’t know is they can reduce the risks by eating well and exercising daily.
    Many older adults fear exercise because they think it might increase their risk for injury. A Nurse’s Health Study shows just walking for four hours a week can actually decrease your risk of breaking a bone. Any weight bearing activity like dancing, playing tennis or jogging can strengthen your bones. You can even build some weight-bearing exercise into your daily routine by taking the stairs instead of the elevator.
    If you’re uncertain about starting an exercise routine, stop by and talk to us or talk to your physician about what exercises you can do to strengthen your bones and prevent bone loss. We can help you create a routine that fits into your schedule using equipment you have at home. If you’re concerned about balance or flexibility, we’ll work on exercises that can help in those areas too.
    In addition to exercising, we also mentioned you need to add some specific foods to your diet. Foods filled with calcium, protein and vitamin D can help you build stronger bones. Many juices, cereals, fish and of course dairy products contain all three of these elements! Nutrition plays a key role in giving your bones the vitamins they need to remain healthy and strong.
    And don’t forget, we welcome any age to our CrossFit White Horse classes! All our routines can be tailored to fit any age or fitness stage.


    By Cory Lee

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