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    Fit is Everything!

    Fit is Everything!

    We’ve all seen it, the kindergartener with a massive backpack weighing him down or a high school student rubbing her shoulders after dropping her bag on the floor. Most schools require some type of bag for books and schoolwork, so making sure your child has the right bag to lessen back pain is an important job. Start the year off right with these tips:

    First, make sure the backpack accommodates the torso length. You will want to pull the shoulder straps tighter to make the backpack sit higher up on your hips and be proportioned with your torso. A backpack that hangs too low will make your child lean forward when he walks because it increases the weight on the shoulders.

    Second, find a backpack that has individualized compartments. These compartments help in distributing and positioning the contents more effectively. Make sure pointy or bulky items are placed in a compartment that doesn’t lay on your child’s back.

    Third, look for a backpack with padded, wide straps. Unpadded thin straps are uncomfortable and can dig into your child’s shoulders. Make sure the straps are adjustable (see tip #1).

    Fourth, if your child’s backpack is still too heavy, ask her teacher if your child can bring home workbooks or hand-out materials and leave heavier books at school. Many teachers are understanding especially if you talk to them about how the heavy weight may affect your child’s health.


    By Cory Lee

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