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    Let’s Go For a Run

    Let’s Go For a Run

    Winter has passed, the days are longer, and warmer weather is approaching. For runners that means early morning runs before it gets too hot or more daylight to light the path for nighttime runners. You can find a race almost every weekend this time of year-whether you are looking for short distance 5ks or long distance marathons.

    No matter the distance you run, good running technique is the key to reducing the risk of injury and to be most efficient. Proper running form all begins at the foot. With a good upright posture you should begin your run with a slight forward lean at the ankles, not at the waist. With a slight forward lean at the ankle you are allowing gravity to help propel you forward; once in motion your foot should strike the ground right underneath your hip. A lot of the time we see runners who over stride and heel strike way out in front of the body. This actually halts momentum and causes excess force on the knees and hips.

    With your back and torso upright and straight this keeps your hips in proper alignment and keeps you going straight. When your hips are flexed or extended too much this places pressure on your low back and also throws everything else out of whack. Think “keep the core engaged”. The shoulders should be relaxed and your arm swing should be front to back not across your body.

    One of the most important pieces of information I can give you about proper running form is to relax. Your shoulder should not be up to your ears, fists should be relaxed and you should be so relaxed that you can feel your cheeks giggle up and down as you run. This is not an exhaustive list, but just a few tips to help with proper running form.

    If you are interested in a training plan to begin running, to get faster, or would just like to have your running form looked at you can contact me at the clinic. We would like to announce a new fitness class in Baldwyn. We will begin our Fitness Resolution class in Baldwyn on May 14th, to find out more contact Kim at Pro Physical Therapy at the number listed below. We have started an ongoing fitness class called Human Performance Training at Pro Physical Therapy in Mantachie on Tuesday nights at 5:15 and on Saturday mornings at 11. It is for all levels of fitness and is $5 per person. We also now have nutritional supplements to help you achieve your weight loss goals, to help facilitate muscle gain, or help increase performance. To find out more about what all we offer contact us at Pro Physical Therapy in Mantachie, MS 662-282-4949.

    Cory Lee, LPTA, RRCA-Running Coach, L-1 Crossfit Coach

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