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    Pro Therapy – Saltillo


    Kimberly and Cory Lee founded Pro Therapy in order to give northwestern Mississippi residents high quality care while remaining close to home. Our office in Mantachie is only a short drive away for patients from Saltillo. We offer a comfortable environment in which every patient is heard and treated as an individual. Best of all, you always know you are getting the very best care when you visit us in Mantachie. Call us today to set up an appointment. We can fulfill all of your physical therapy, occupational therapy or speech therapy needs.


    Solutions for Saltillo


    Pro Therapy in Mantachie is under 15 miles from the heart of Saltillo. If you live in or around Saltillo, you have an easy drive to our flagship office. This office is outfitted with the latest technology, occupational therapy devices and a friendly staff that is highly trained. We can help you if you have suffered an injury. We can guide you through what to expect after a surgery and provide therapy once it is complete. We work with lifestyle cures for all physical problems. In fact, if you have an issue that can be helped with physical or occupational therapy, our staff is ready.


    Overall Health in Saltillo, MS


    It can be difficult to live a healthy lifestyle as a busy Saltillo citizen. Pro Therapy offers wellness programs that are designed to fit in within your life. We will show you how to get and stay healthy, both through diet and exercise. We can give you pointers on athleticism and help with running as well. We also have fitness facilities that are ideal for our clients.


    Saltillo Speech Therapy Solutions


    Speech therapy is necessary for many children and adults. We offer speech therapy services for all ages. We can help with speech disorders such as stuttering, articulation, receptive language deficits, expressive language deficits and cognitive delays. Call us now to make an appointment.

    We develop a customized plan to get our clients moving and keep them moving.