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    Pro Therapy – Marietta


    Marietta, Mississippi is known for being off the beaten path. This can be relaxing and serene for residents of the tiny village. Unfortunately, this can also mean that health care requires a long drive from home. The founders of Pro Therapy saw this problem and settled on a solution. Our office in Mantachie is a short drive from your Marietta doorstep. You can count on us for professional physical therapy services without the long drive to the city.


    Marietta’s Answer to Physical Therapy


    Being injured in an accident or on the job often means physical therapy. The same is true for many surgeries. Pro Therapy is close to home, allowing you to attend as many therapy sessions as it takes until you are healed. We are also adept in working with children, the disabled and any others who were born with or acquired issues that require regular therapy. We work with patients of all ages, focusing strongly on those from the small towns around Mantachie who may have been underserved by medical practices in the past.


    Getting Healthy in Marietta


    Pro Therapy provides help for those who have been in accidents, have had joint replacements, experience difficulty walking or a decreased range of motion, suffer from arthritis, experience muscular or ligament strains, have carpal tunnel syndrome and much more. We also provide weight management services to Marietta residents who wish to be healthier and stronger. We can guide you through an exercise plan, which you can use at one of our local fitness facilities.


    Improving Speech With Therapy


    Marietta residents who need speech therapy may have had to go without in previous years. It can be difficult to obtain speech therapy appointments and many are located far from home. We know the frustration that comes from not being able to adequately communicate with others. We began offering speech therapy to help those in Marietta and the surrounding areas improve their lives.

    We develop a customized plan to get our clients moving and keep them moving.